With livestreaming becoming such a popular medium, I'm branching out and producing more livestream content.

This will be a mix of media, mostly creating gaming content which so far has included...

Elite: Dangerous, Arma III, Rust, Squad, Terarria, Heroes & Generals,
H1Z1, Ark: Survival Evolved, World of Warships, Burnout, Survarium and Indie Games.

As well as solo gameplay, I'm also involved with co-streaming with other established streamers and will be producing live & recorded highlight content of our gameplay.

Other livestreams have included creative content, a more "behind the scenes" style which has included production of video effects, photoshop work and music track making.

I'm currently experimenting with two streaming services, Twitch and Mixer. Both have their advantages but I'm hoping to pick a single, regular platform with a fixed schedule soon.

Check below to see if I'm livestreaming right now...

Mixer Twitch

BE ADVISED: Our livestreams, voice channels & text chat are mostly uncensored and may contain adult language, themes or internet trolls. Any views given by any individuals are purely their own.


My livestream schedule is currently... (UK Times)

Monday     10pm - 12pm
Tuesday     10pm - 12pm
Wednesday   5pm - late  
Thursday     10pm - 12pm
Friday   5pm - late  
Saturday   5pm - late  
Sunday     10pm - 12pm

Please Note: I've yet to set a full working schedule and times above can vary and may change.


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