Gaming Media

Dead Bird Online is our branch of gaming media.
Included so far have been episodal gameplay of our own and other creators series. Also promotional videos for gamer factions across various games.

Currently produced content includes livestream highlights and pre-recorded episodes. With this format fast becoming a popular platform, we aim to expand our coverage in this area.

Below are current game titles we've worked with so far.

Current Gaming Content
Elite Dangerous - Achenar Immortals [Livestream Highlights]]
Dead Bird Online (Capture, Editing & Music)
More YouTube based gaming video series. Working alongside the Elite Dangerous Community, producing various game footage videos promoting player groups. [Watch Now]
Lilith & Friends Play "Minecraft" [2 Seasons]
Horrific Angel Productions (Editing & Music)
Two female gamers trying their hand at various games. Aspirations to build an audience on their home grown YouTube channel. We had the opportunity to take the editing process on board to help with the series. [Watch Now]
Heroes & Generals [Livestream & Highlights]
Dead Bird Online (Capture & Editing)
A skermish game based in World War 2. Russian, United States and German forces battle across Europe to gain dominance and win the war. Fight with Infantry, Tanks, Paratroopers, Pilots, Snipers & more. [Watch Now]
Squad [Livestream & Highlights]
Dead Bird Online (Capture & Editing)
Another army battlefield simulator. With maps based in Russia, Europe and the Middle East, Squad is a realistic modern warfare simulator based around infantry & heavily relies on group communication.
H1Z1 King of the Kill [Livestream & Highlights]
Dead Bird Online (Capture & Editing)
A zombie survival expanded into a Battle Royale game that expanded world-wide with an annual cash prize tournament. Face off against 100+ players and be the last one standing (includes 2 & 5 person team matches) [Watch Now]
Survarium [Livestream & Highlights]
Dead Bird Online (Capture & Editing)
A post apocalyptic team death match game. Small teams of survivors battle over small skermish maps to capture points, retrieve power cells or fight until only team remain. Fast paced action shooter.
H1Z1 - Down on the Farm [3x Episodes, 2015]
Dead Bird Productions (Recording & Editing)
Our venture into YouTube based gaming video series. Down on the Farm is a random collection of friends playing H1Z1 (Daybreak Games) and their daily antics & banter while trying to survive the zombie invasion. [Watch Now]

More games will be added as our online content grows.



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