Dead Bird Productions have built up a sizable filmography over the years. Most work has been collaborations with other local film makers and our duties have included Editing, Photography, Sound Recording, Digital Effects and Camera Operating.

This is a list of what we have worked on over the years.
A full filmography can be found on the "About" page.

Never Forget The Brave [2012]
Rick Mcleod - Celtic Storm Films(DoP, camera, editing & digital effects)
A short film produced by Rick McLeod, a prequel to the main feature "Lost Transmission" providing background stories of the main cast and their universe. [Watch Now] [Music Video]
Sammie's Story [2010]
Dead Bird Productions (Camera, editing & promotion material
A factual dramatisation of a young lady who survived a near fatal car accident in 2009. We take a brief look into the trauma, anxiety and other health problems which people such as Sammy have suffered, and how she has coped since. [Watch Now]
Ach Ooshka [2013]
Mike Rennard & Duncan Oxland (Editing)
A short film telling the tale of the Celtic legend Ach Ooshka (AKA Kelpie). A mythical shape shifter who lures young women and steals them away into the lake in which he lives. Initial part of a series of shorts, telling the stories of myths and legend in the Celtic history.
Christian [2010]
Matt Bland - Skumfidus Films (Camera & editing)
Supernatural action thriller set around the vampire & daemon myths of Whitby. Preliminary shooting took place in the historic town of Whitby. The plan is for a prequel series followed by a full length feature film "Christian".
Pitch Invasion 2012
Red Dreams Charity (Camera & editing)
Teaming up with talented media students, we filmed and edited this two day music event at Hartlepool Football Club's grounds. Capturing all the music & talented artists from the area across two stages. [Watch Now]

Better Late Than Never [2013]
Skumfidus Films (Camera & Sound)
A small taster film from the up coming Romantic Comedy Crawford & Oates. The story of two childhood friends who venture through school, college and university together, their endless comedy banter and failed relationships.

Bandstand Marathon [2012]
Red Dreams Charity (Camera, Editing & Photography)
We teamed up with Scott Thomson and spent a near perfect, sunny day in Ward Jackson Park filming the musicians and crowd as Red Dreams became part of the nationwide music Marathon for the Olympic closing ceremonies.
Border Recon [2014]
Celtic Storm Films (Camera & Editing)
A near futuristic Britain has collapse into a ganglands after civilian order collapsed and England are in a bloody civil war with Scotland. We follow a band of English fighters as the take on a Celtic gang. [Trailer]
Chipped [2013]
Hungry Wolf Productions (Production Photography)
Set in the not so distant future. The British Prime Minister brought peace to the British Isles after the population were "Chipped". Crime fell and people flourished until one day something else took control.
Severed Nations [2013]
Broken Nation Films in Asc. Celtic Storm Films
In the mid 2050's the global economic collapse has devastated the Earth. A group of Celtic warriors fight the odds to keep the peace and prevent the country falling into a deadly civil war. Part of the Broken Nation chronicles. [Watch Now]
Bright Blue Eyes [2009]
Dead Bird Productions (Camera & editing)
The first recorded murder in Middlesbrough was of an eight year old girl. This factual documentary attempts to reconstruct her possible last moments leading up to the murder and brings to light a story lost since 1884. [Watch Now]
Goodbye [2013]
Celtic Storm Films (Editing)
A short dark comedy about two hired hit men who are given one simple job. During all the usual bickering and the concerns about their third associate wanting to quit the industry for a family life, something goes wrong.
Text Talk [2010]
Dead Bird Productions (Camera, editing & research)
A current affairs program which looks at the introduction of "text talk" into GCSE's. We interview students and tutors for their reaction.

A full filmography is available via the "About" page.



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