Welcome to Dead Bird Productions

Dead Bird Productions is my home grown media business. I have been working in media since 1999 when I began working as a studio photographer. In 2005 I expanded into film production where my main line of work has been video editing.
With the recent changes in YouTube & Google intergrations and our expansion into gaming content, Dead Bird Productions has implimented a few changes.

Our NEW main Film Production channel has a new web link...

Our original channel will now be for our Online Gaming & Live Stream content.

We also have a new Twitch Channel currently under development.
Streaming as already begun but it's currently a 'Work In Progress' as we setup hardware and software configurations. This will also include creating our own custom graphics & overlays rather than opting for generic off-the-shelf addons.

Recent News
During 2016 DBP has been working on the production of two independent YouTube gaming series, one ongoing Minecraft gameplay series aimed at a young audience and a second series of H1Z1 gameplay, a zombie survival horror series with a more adult theme. Another side project is also underway, DBP are experimenting with music production. At this time we have already co-produced one music video and we are currently working on writing & co-producing two music tracks with a UK vocal artist and hopefully follow these up with more.

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