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Dead Bird Productions is my home grown media platform. I have been working in media since 1999 when I began working as a studio photographer. In 2005 I expanded into film production where my main line of work has been video editing.

Recent News
Unfortunately, in 2017, most media production was put on hold. This was due to spending time with family and inevitably losing my father to cancer in the November.
He was the man who fueled my love for film, Sci-Fi, fantasy, music & reading and was most inluential to who I am today.

Secondly, my main media production PC was badly damaged by a faulty power unit which resulted in the motherboard actually catching fire. The power overload irreperably damaged the motherboard, CPU, Graphics card and 3 Hard Drives (a total of 2.5Tb)
Although one drive's contents was recovered & some projects were salvaged from back-ups on extenal drives, I lost several personal film, gaming & music projects I had been working on.

It's taken over 4 months to rebuild the PC and also remake a lot of basic media (Stream Overlays, video logo's, etc) but everything is in place ready for new projects.

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DEAD BIRD Media Platforms

We now have TWO Youtube channels, one for film production and our sister channel for gaming content and stream highlights.
Dead Bird Productions Dead Bird Online

Youtube - Media Production

Youtube - Gaming Content

I'm also expanding into the world of live streaming. Currently experimenting with two platforms for both gaming content and also streaming creative work.

Mixer Twitch

More details available on the Livestream page.







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